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Welcome to The Machine Learning Institute Certificate in Finance (MLI)

The MLI now offers a dedicated Alumni Employment Service. This service is for self-funded applicants only.

The MLI is a comprehensive seven-month part-time course, with weekly live lectures in London or globally online. The MLI is comprised of 2 levels, 5 Primers, 8 modules, 32 lecture weeks, assignments, a practical final project and a final exam which can be taken from any global location online using our live invigilation platform.

Regional & Group Discount

The MLI Certificate offers global regional & group discount fee structures.

Group Discount: If 2 or more people from your institution wish to take The MLI Certificate please contact us.

Regional Offers: Get in contact for offers in your geographic region.

5 Primers:

  • Mathematics for Machine Learning
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Financial Derivatives and Risk
  • Python for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced Python Techniques

10-12 hours per week. 2 – 3 hours lectures.

8 Modules:

  • Supervised learning
  • Deep learning
  • Unsupervised learning and alternative data
  • Practitioner’s approach to machine learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Time Series
  • Natural language processing and generative deep learning
  • Quantum machine learning

MLI Partners:

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) are experts in numerical algorithms, software engineering and high-performance computing. They have served the finance industry with numerical software and consulting services for over four decades because of their outstanding product quality and technical support. Specifically, relevant to the finance industry, NAG pioneer in the provision of the NAG Library – numerical, machine learning and statistical components ideal for building Quant Libraries, Risk Applications and the like.

NAG also provides best-in-class C++ operator-overloading AD tools for CPU and GPU called dco (derivative computation through overloading) and dco/map (dco meta adjoint programming). The NAG Library and AD tools are used by many of the largest Investment Banks where they are embedded in Quant Libraries and XVA applications. As a not-for-profit company, NAG reinvests surpluses into the research and development of its products, services, staff and its collaborations.

The Thalesians are a group of dedicated professionals with an interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML), quantitative finance, economics, mathematics, physics and computer science, not necessarily in that order.

Please also visit our main Thalesians web page here too ( to learn more about us!

NTT DATA Europe & Latam was born from the alliance between everis (with a presence in Europe and Latin America) and NTT DATA EMEA (with a presence mainly in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Romania) to bring transformation and innovation to clients in Europe and Latin America.

File:NTT-Data-Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

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