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AIFI Information Sessions

AIFI Webinar: Volatility Forecasting using Neural SDEs & NLP Models in Finance: December 14th, 11am EST.

Online : Thursday 15th June 2023
MLI Information Sessions

Paul Bilokon will run online MLI information sessions to provide an overview of the qualification.

Online : Wednesday 28th June 2023
QDC Information Sessions

Professor Bilokon will run online QDC information sessions on 7th and 9th December.

Online : Thursday 29th June 2023
The Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute (AIFI) Summer Bootcamp

WBS Training’s partner company, The AIFI – Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute Winter Bootcamp takes place online: 13th February to 24th February 2023.

New York City / Online : Monday 7th  - Saturday 12th August 2023
Algorithmic Trading Summer Bootcamp: A Practitioner’s Guide
London & Globally Online : Monday 4th  - Thursday 7th September 2023
The 19th Quantitative Finance Conference: Valencia, Spain

The 19th Quantitative Finance Conference: Valencia, Spain, 27th – 29th September 2023

Valencia, Spain : Wednesday 27th  - Friday 29th September 2023
The Certificate of Bank Treasury Risk Management (BTRM)

The Certificate of Bank Treasury Risk Management (BTRM) is a once a year, six-month, part-time course designed to empower individuals working in, or intending to work in, every aspect of bank risk management and asset-liability management (ALM).

London & Globally Online : Wednesday 4th October - Wednesday 10th April 2024
The Machine Learning Institute Certificate in Finance (MLI)

The Machine Learning Institute Certificate in Finance (MLI) is delighted to announce a fully updated world class faculty and brand new syllabus.

Globally Online : Tuesday 10th October - Tuesday 11th June 2024
The Quantitative Developer Certificate (QDC)

The course consists of 5 Modules: Python for Finance, C++ fundamentals and use cases from quantitative finance, Data Structures and Algorithms in C++, Databases in finance – KDB and Design of systematic trading platforms.

Globally Online : Thursday 12th October - Thursday 11th April 2024

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