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About Schonfeld

Schonfeld Strategic Advisors is a global multi-strategy, multi-manager investment platform that harnesses the transformative power of people to perform in all market environments. We specialize in four core strategies: Quantitative Trading, Fundamental Equity, Tactical Trading, and Discretionary Macro & Fixed Income. We capitalize on inefficiencies and opportunities within the markets, drawing from a significant investment in proprietary technology, infrastructure, and risk analytics. As an organization committed to fostering a sense of belonging, we welcome diversity across identity, thought, people and views which serves as the foundation of our culture and success.

Schonfeld Core Strategies

Quantitative Strategies

Our Quantitative Strategies are powered by rigorous and innovative research and an industry-leading systematic trading platform. We provide our trading teams with proprietary technology, market and alternative data, and extensive operational resources to advance their investment strategies. Our focus is on short- to intermediate-term, fully automated global trading strategies across multiple asset classes.

Fundamental Equity Strategies

Our Fundamental Equity platform consists of long/short, discretionary strategies across a variety of sectors, geographies and styles. Our teams employ a variety of fundamental, bottom-up techniques to capture idiosyncratic alpha within their area of expertise. Each Fundamental Equity team operates within a bespoke set of investment guidelines that appropriately aligns to their investment strategy.

Tactical Strategies

Our platform supports a mix of discretionary and systematic Tactical Trading strategies that take advantage of opportunities created by volatility in the market. These strategies include equity capital markets, merger arbitrage/event driven, share class arbitrage, index rebalance, relative value volatility, delta-one, short-term trading and market microstructure sub-strategies.

Discretionary Macro & Fixed Income Strategies

Our Discretionary Macro & Fixed Income (DMFI) business allocates across a diversified set of asset classes and strategies to capture the full breadth of opportunities in the market.

Our specialist model apportions the macro universe through a varied, minimally correlated set of risk takers that seek to capitalize on macroeconomic fundamentals, market dislocations, monetary and fiscal policy shifts, and capital flows.

Location: 78 Saint James’s Street, London, SW1A 1JB

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