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AI and Advanced Quant Analytics Conference
Live & Online from Schonfeld

WBS Training, in partnership with Schonfeld, is proud to host the inaugural AI and Advanced Quant Analytics Conference, live from Schonfeld’s London office on Thursday, May 23. This event brings together experts in quant finance and AI to dissect the latest trends in machine learning, neural networks, and the transformative power of large language models in quantitative analytics.

To express your interest in attending the conference and post-event reception in-person, click on BOOK NOW. Note that space is limited, and you will receive a message that confirms your spot. The conference will also be broadcast globally on Zoom. Admission is free, reflecting our commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in the industry.


  • Jesper Andreasen: Decoding the Auto Encoder – A deep dive into how auto-encoder neural networks can effectively capture the dynamics of swap yield curves across multiple currencies.
  • Alexander Sokol: Autoencoder-Based Term Structure Model for Interest Rates – Exploring the advantages of using autoencoders over traditional models for a more accurate representation of yield curves.
  • Paul Bilokon: Notation as a Tool of Thought? LLMs, Cognitive Biases, and Logical Fallacies – Investigating the implications of using natural language in AI development, focusing on cognitive biases and logical fallacies in finance and economics.
  • Blanka Horvath: Pathwise Methods and Generative Models for Pricing and Trading – An examination of how deep learning and generative models revolutionize hedging strategies and trading setups.
  • Dr. Miquel Noguer i Alonso: Evaluating LLMs in Financial Tasks – Code Generation in Trading Strategies – Assessing the efficacy of Large Language Models in automating algorithmic trading strategies through Python code generation.

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