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Workshop Day: Tuesday 5th October

13.00 - 17.00
Half Day Workshop: ESG & Climate Risk in Quantitative Finance

Overview of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

  • What is ‘E’, ‘S’ and ‘G’?
  • Explaining Climate Risk, Sustainability, GHG and Net Zero

Global Regulatory Requirements for ESG Frameworks

  • Latest update of regulatory requirements including Climate, Sustainability, Carbon & Net Zero
  • Integrating into ESG Regulatory Frameworks

Overview of ESG products

  • The Key Characteristics of ESG Products in the Current Market
  • Matching the Client’s ESG Returns and solutions required for hedging, structuring, etc

ESG Products Design Framework: Aligning the Desired ESG Products with Market Strategies

  • Key considerations for ESG product design
  • Challenges and opportunities especially with ESG metrics
  • Taxonomies for Investment Products

Managing ESG data and sourcing the right data sets

  • Identifying the data source, historic and forward looking
  • Addressing the typical paint points and associated vendor solutions

Group Discussion, Case Studies & Market Opportunities

Navin Rauniar:

Advisory Partner focusing on LIBOR, ESG, Climate Risk & TCFD, HSBC

Navin Rauniar: Advisory Partner focusing on LIBOR, ESG, Climate Risk & TCFD, HSBC

Navin is a Risk Director with 17 years’ experience in advising the sell side on the delivery of prudential regulation such as IBOR Transition, FRTB, IRRBB, Basel III, CRR 2 and CRD V. Navin is currently leading the IBOR workstream for a Tier One bank.

Prior to this, he worked as a Senior Manager at a leading global advisory firm, where he led the analysis of the impact of the IBOR Transition on financial institutions. Additionally, Navin has spent 15 years in the industry working in global run-the-bank and change-the-bank roles for Credit Suisse, RBS, Commerzbank and JP Morgan across Front Office, Risk and Operations.

Navin is a steering committee member of the Professional Risk Managers Association where he represents the Risk Management industry on regulatory initiatives, mentoring of capital markets professionals, and a frequent speaker at banking & thought leadership events.

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