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This course will help finance professionals understand Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) domain area main concepts, trends and get prepared for:

  • Relevant job opportunities
  • DLT-based projects
  • DLT domain-specific investment research
  • Upskill your employees

Weeks 1-4:  Distributed Ledger Architecture

  • Introduction to cryptography
  • Decentralization and smart contracts
  • Network architecture

Home assignment: white paper analysis for every student

  • Home assignment review seminar

Weeks 5-8:  DLT domain projects review, research and classification

  • DLT domain projects overview and research
  • DLT business models
  • Market dynamics
  • Guest lecture: To be confirmed

Home assignment due-diligence for a chosen project

  • Home assignment review seminar

Weeks 8-12:  DLT and Fintech Regulation

  • Fintech policy overview (US, UK, EU, Malta)
  • Cryptocurrency regulation (US, UK, EU, Malta)
  • Cryptocurrency Taxation (US, UK, EU, Malta)
  • Guest lecture: To be confirmed

Home assignment: DLT use-case idea research and pitch

  • Home assignment review seminar

Final project: write a white-paper or business plan for a new DLT project or automation of a business process within an existing business.

  • Final project review seminar

Qualification Examination

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