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Course Syllabus

MODULE ONE: Distributed Ledger Architecture

Week 1:  Introduction to Cryptography                                                   


  • About the course
  • About me
  • Schedule, rules and materials

Introduction to Cryptography                                                     

  • Hash Functions
  • Hash Pointers and data structure
  • Digital Signature

Simple Cryptocurrency                                                   

  • Centralized currency model
  • Decentralized currency model

Bitcoin Consensus Mechanism

Bitcoin Mining                                                                                 

  • Incentives and Proof of work
  • Hash puzzles

Week 2:  Decentralization and Smart Contracts                                   

Previous lecture recap:

Possible attacks                                                                               

  • Double spend
  • 51%

Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin internal scripting mechanism                                      

  • Turing completeness
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Virtual Machine

Smart Contracts

Decentralized applications                                                         

Week 3:  Network Architecture                                                                   

Previous lecture recap

Further development                                                                     

  • Segregated Witness
  • Lightning network
  • Sharding
  • State channels
  • Block size

Consensus mechanisms:                                                          

  • Proof of Work
  • Proof of Stake
  • Hybrid models

Network governance structures                                                                

  • Community decision making
  • Code ownership
  • Development incentives
  • Validation incentives

Week 4:  Guest Lecture     

Home assignment: white paper analysis for every student

Week 5: Home assignment review seminar                                           

MODULE TWO: DLT Domain Projects Review, Research and Classification

Week 6:  DLT Domain Projects Overview and Research                    

Previous module recap

Module intro

Internet of value

Types of tokens:                                                                                               

  • Currency token
  • Utility token
  • Security token

Project classification:                                                                                     

  • Currency
  • Platform
  • Marketplace
  • Private Blockchains
  • Scalability/Interoperability
  • Stablecoin

Project examples from every class:                                                          

  • Bitcoin/Litecoin/Monero
  • Ethereum/Zilliqa/EOS
  • 0x/Loopring
  • Hyperledger/Ripple
  • COSMOS/Interledger/Lightning Network
  • Tether/Stasis 

Week 7:  DLT Projects Business Models                                                     

Previous lecture recap:

Public blockchain

Private blockchain

Blockchain as a Service


  • Centralized
  • Decentralized
  • Hybrid

Distributed Ledger as an enterprise solution                                       

  • Finance
  • Trade
  • Logistics
  • Property
  • LegalTech
  • GovTech 

Week 8:  Market Dynamics                                                                             

Previous lecture recap

Bitcoin as a starting point

Financial bubbles review & explanation

ICO market dynamics

Other indicators                                                                                                 

  • Bitcoin dominance index
  • Relative asset valuations
  • Capital circulation
  • DCF model in crypto 

Week 9:  Guest Lectures   


  • Corda
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Ethereum 

Home assignment due-diligence for a chosen project

Week 10: Home assignment review seminar                                             

MODULE THREE: DLT and Fintech Regulation

Week 11:  Fintech Policy Overview (US, UK, EU, Malta)                    

Previous module recap

Module intro

FinTech definition

Brief history of FinTech

Regulatory challenges faced by Fintech companies

Regulatory infrastructure of different jurisdictions                              

Week 12: Cryptocurrency Regulation (US, UK, EU, Malta)              

Previous lecture recap

Cryptocurrency as money

Cryptocurrency as commodity

Cryptocurrency as property

ICO Regulation                                                                                                    

  • Howey Test
  • DAO example 

Week 13: Cryptocurrency Taxation (US, UK, EU, Malta)                   

Previous lecture recap

General taxation practices

Taxation of Natural Persons

Taxation of Legal Entities

ICO taxation

How to determine what you owe            

Week 14: Guest Lecture on Regulation      

Home assignment: DLT use-case idea research and pitch

Week 15: Home assignment review seminar

Final project: write a white-paper or business plan for a new DLT project or automation of a business process within an existing business.

Week 16: Final project review seminar

Distributed Ledger Technology in Finance Certificate (DLT) Examination

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