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The integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) into finance is revolutionizing the industry, offering new ways to process information, analyze data, and interact with customers. This course by the Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute delves into the essentials of LLMs, their practical applications in finance, and hands-on implementation techniques. From understanding the architecture of LLMs to deploying them for financial analysis and customer service, participants will learn to harness the power of AI to innovate and improve efficiency in the financial sector. Whether you’re a finance professional, a developer, or a student, this course provides the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the future of finance with AI.

The Large Language Models (LLMs) in Finance Certificate will guide participants through the essentials of LLMs, including their architecture, operation, and the latest advancements in the field. It will delve into the practical aspects of deploying these models for financial tasks, such as fine-tuning for domain-specific applications, implementing retrieval-augmented generation for enhanced information processing, and evaluating model performance. Through a series of hands-on examples and projects, learners will gain the skills necessary to apply LLMs effectively within the fi- nance sector, addressing real-world challenges and unlocking new opportunities.

Large Language Models (LLM’s) in Finance Certificate in partnership with The Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute’s (AIFI).

📆 Duration:
8 Lecture Weeks
8 - 10 Hours Weekly: Time Commitment
Weekly recorded lectures accessible any time, from any global location, in your educational portal.

💻 Online e-Learning
🕛 Self-paced
🌐 Global audience: Learn alongside a global cohort of like-minded financial professionals.

✔ Final Project + Certificate
🤖 Students will have the opportunity to apply what they learn in a real world project.

💡 Faculty:
Dedicated Faculty Support available every step of the way. Weekly seminar & student forum.

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📊 Certificate:
Students are awarded The Artificial Intelligence Finance Institute’s (AIFI) LLM Certificate.


  • Introduction to LLMs
  • Applications and Limitations of LLMs
  • Advanced Techniques with LLMs
  • Quantization and Sharding for LLMs
  • Fine-Tuning and RAG Introduction
  • Deep Dive into RAG and Evaluation
  • LLMs Agents, AI Safety and Finance Examples
  • Practical Applications and Real World Project
  • Real World Project

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