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Helyette Geman, Birkbeck - U of London & Johns Hopkins University
“A remarkable scientific event, unusually dedicated to Women in Quantitative
Finance , that was very well attended by all genders but had most talks beautifully delivered by women”

Natalie Basiratpour, Director, Octavius
“It was great to finally see an event which not only highlighted the hurdles for women in quant finance but also invited thought provoking discussion and philosophies from some of the leaders in the industry”

Head of Model Validation, Tier 1 Investment Bank
“Just want to say, it was a great event. Thanks very much for organising it. Please let me know if there are other upcoming events like this!

Senior Recruiter, Tier 1 Investment Bank
“It was a great event. I personally found it quite inspiring and insightful.
As the launch of the first WQF conference, I have to say, I was positively impressed with the female talent that was present within the existing quants community.”

Senior Quant, Tier 1 Investment Bank
“Thank you! I’m also really glad I attended this event.”

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