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Full Course: Complete the 6 modules in 6 months.

Module Lecture Module Topics Date Lecturer
Module 1 1 Finance Time value of money, cashflows and asset holdings 7-Jun-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 1 2 Finance Interest rates, risk, and return 14-June-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 1 3 Finance Portfolio theory, CAPM, and APT 21-June-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 1 4 Finance Efficient markets and regulation 28-June-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 1 Test          
Module 2 5 Equities and technical analysis Trading and investing; anatomy and lifecycle of a trade 5-July-21 Matt Patterson
Module 2 6 Equities and technical analysis Liquidity, price, and leverage; primary and secondary markets 12-Jul-21 Matt Patterson
Module 2 7 Equities and technical analysis Corporate actions; fundamental analysis 19-Jul-21 Matt Patterson
Module 2 8 Equities and technical analysis Investment strategies and tactics; technical analysis 26-Jul-21 Matt Patterson
Module 2 Test          
Summer Break
Module 3 9 Fixed income, credit, and market microstructure Fixed income securities; yield curve analysis 6-Sep-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 3 10 Fixed income, credit, and market microstructure Spot rates, forward rates, day count conventions, and accrued interest 13-Sep-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 3 11 Fixed income, credit, and market microstructure Relative value analysis; interest rate swaps 20-Sep-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 3 12 Fixed income, credit, and market microstructure Credit; market microstructure 27-Sep-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 3 Test          
Module 4 13 Foreign exchange, macroeconomics, and alternative data The foreign exchange spot market; foreign exchange forwards and futures 4-Oct-21 Saeed Amen
Module 4 14 Foreign exchange, macroeconomics, and alternative data Foreign exchange options; the economics of exchange rates and international trade 11-Oct-21 Saeed Amen
Module 4 15 Foreign exchange, macroeconomics, and alternative data Fundamental analysis; trading the news 18-Oct-21 Saeed Amen
Module 4 16 Foreign exchange, macroeconomics, and alternative data Alternative data; backtesting 25-Oct-21 Saeed Amen
Module 4 Test          
Module 5 17 Cryptocurrencies and blockchain Digital money; cryptography 1-Nov-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 5 18 Cryptocurrencies and blockchain Cryptocurrencies; digital tokens 8-Nov-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 5 19 Cryptocurrencies and blockchain Blockchain technology; initial coin offerings 15-Nov-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 5 20 Cryptocurrencies and blockchain Investing; cryptocurrency exchanges 22-Nov-21 Ivan Zhdankin
Module 5 Test          
Module 6 21 Derivatives Forwards, futures, and options 29-Nov-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 6 22 Derivatives The Black-Scholes-Merton framework; the “Greeks” 06-Dec-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 6 23 Derivatives Volatility; Monte Carlo methods 13-Dec-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 6 24 Derivatives Finite difference methods; derivatives trading strategies 20-Dec-21 Paul Bilokon
Module 6 Test          
FINAL EXAMINATION       10-Jan-22  



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