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Quantum Computing in Finance Conference

WBS Training are delighted to announce our new event for 2019: Quantum Computing in Finance Conference.

This conference will introduce the current trends and impacts in financial markets and where quantum computing fits in:

  • Financial Industry Applications of Quantum Computing
  • Preparing the Organization for Quantum Computing
  • Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning: Quant Finance Perspective
  • Prospects and Challenges in Quantum Computing Research for the Pricing of Financial Derivatives
  • Quantum Computing for Securities Transaction Settlement
  • The Quest for Quantum Advantage in the Financial Sector
  • Prospects for a Solid-State Quantum Computer
  • The Path to Realizing Practical Quantum Computers
  • Explaining Quantum Computing Hardware
  • Which Financial Applications will become Quantum Computing Killer Apps?
  • Discount Structure
  • Special Offer
    When two colleagues attend the 3rd goes free!

  • 70% Academic Discount
    (FULL-TIME Students Only)

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