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What to Bring

Although this is not absolutely necessary, you are advised to bring your laptop in order to work on data science exercises during the tutorials. If no laptop is available, we recommend that you work in a pair with a delegate who has access to a laptop. (We encourage collaboration during the tutorials.)

Solutions to problems, including programming assignments, will be provided during the training, so you can follow them. We advice that you have done the following in order to make sure that Jupyter notebook tutorials are properly working on your machine:

Step 1. Install the Anaconda Python distribution (64-bit, the Python 3.7 variant at the time of writing) by Continuum Analytics;

Step 2. Go to Anaconda Navigator (it should be available from the Start menu or its equivalent on your operating system) and make sure that Jupyter notebook is installed. “Launch” it from the Anaconda Navigator. When the browser window opens, try creating a “New” notebook to make sure that Jupyter notebooks work on your machine.

Step 3. This training requires the following packages:

  • numpy
  • scipy
  • matplotlib
  • pandas
  • scikit-learn
  • keras
  • tensorflow
  • theano

Make sure they are all installed:

  • Go to Anaconda Navigator;
  • Go to the “Environments” on the left side of the screen;
  • Search for the missing package in “Search Packages” among “Not Installed” ones;
  • Tick the packages and press “Apply” button for the package to be installed.
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