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The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) are experts in numerical algorithms, software engineering and high-performance computing. They have served the finance industry with numerical software and consulting services for over four decades because of their outstanding product quality and technical support. Specifically, relevant to the finance industry, NAG pioneer in the provision of the NAG Library – numerical, machine learning and statistical components ideal for building Quant Libraries, Risk Applications and the like.

NAG also provides best-in-class C++ operator-overloading AD tools for CPU and GPU called dco (derivative computation through overloading) and dco/map (dco meta adjoint programming). The NAG Library and AD tools are used by many of the largest Investment Banks where they are embedded in Quant Libraries and XVA applications. As a not-for-profit company, NAG reinvests surpluses into the research and development of its products, services, staff and its collaborations.

Benzschawel Scientific, LLC


QWAFAFEW is an informal organization of quantitatively oriented professionals in various aspects of financial services, primarily investment management.

The members span the gamut from owners and senior executives of investment related organizations to recent entrants to the industry. Most attendees have some technical training beyond the M.B.A. level, and many have Ph.D.s All share a common interest in quantitative solutions to understanding investment markets.

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SmartMoneyMatch connects the global investment community.

It’s free to use and gives the following options. On the page:

  • to browse and list investment products.
  • to list a Request for Proposals (RFPs) or reply to them.
  •  to find investment service providers with the required expertise at the right place or list your offers.
  • to search and announce events.
  • to browse for jobs and list your vacancies.
  • to find and connect with other professionals in the investment industry.

Moreover, all users have their profile page where your activities – as an investor, asset manager or service provider – are displayed.

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