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Monday 14th June: Day 1 WQF

Keynote: 'Green Energy is in the air: From Wind to ESG Ratings'

EDT: 09.00
BST: 14.00
CEST: 15.00

Helyette Geman:

Professor of Mathematical Finance, Birkbeck – University of London & Johns Hopkins

Helyette Geman, PhD, PhD: Professor of Mathematical Finance, Birkbeck – University of London & Johns Hopkins

Helyette GEMAN is a Professor of Mathematical Finance at Birkbeck – University of London and at Johns Hopkins University. She is a Graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure in Mathematics, holds a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics, a PhD in Probability from the University Pierre et Marie Curie and a PhD in Finance from the University Pantheon Sorbonne.
She has been a scientific advisor to a number of major energy and mining companies for the last 20 years, covering the trading of crude oil, natural gas, electricity as well as metals in companies such as EDF Trading, Louis Dreyfus or BHP Billiton and was named in 2004 in the Hall of Fame of Energy Risk.
Prof Geman was previously the head of Research and Development at Caisse des Depots. She has published more than 140 papers in major finance journals including the Journal of Finance, Mathematical Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Banking and Finance and Journal of Business. She has also written the book entitled Insurance and Weather Derivatives and is a Member of Honor of the French Society of Actuaries.
Her research includes exotic option pricing for which she got the first prize of the Merrill Lynch awards, asset price modeling through the introduction of transaction time (JOF, 2000); she is one of the authors of the CGMY pure jump Levy model (2002). Prof Geman had organized in 2000 at College de France the first meeting of the Bachelier Finance Society, with Paul Samuelson, Robert Merton and Henry McKean as keynote speakers.
Her book, ‘Commodities and Commodity Derivatives’ is the reference in the field. She was a Scientific Expert on Agriculture for the European Commission and is on the Board of the Bloomberg Commodity Index.
She counts among her numerous PhD students Nassim Taleb, author of the Black Swan

Integrating Climate Risk into Risk Management: Challenges and Opportunities

EDT: 10.00
BST: 15.00
CEST: 16.00

Attention to climate-related financial risk is clearly growing within finance, both for the private sector and the public sector. Banking regulators and central banks are suddenly beginning to pay more attention to the role of climate change as a source of financial risk. During this presentation, I will introduce how Banks are under rising regulatory and commercial pressure to protect themselves from the impact of climate change and to align themselves with the global sustainability agenda.

Key takeaways include:

  • Incorporating the financial risks of climate change into risk management frameworks, strategic discussions, and oversight regimes
  • Understand the significant limitations and challenges to anticipating the financial impact of climate change
  • Learn the role of the banking sector in transitioning to a net-zero carbon emission world

Diana Ouamar:

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Rima Consulting

Diana Ouamar: Co-Founder and Managing Director, Rima Consulting

Diana is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Rima Consulting Limited. She has more than 14 years’ experience in risk management developed in rating agencies, investment banking, consulting, and private equity.

As a Senior Regulatory Risk consultant, she follows closely and interprets the banking regulations focusing on Market Risk, Counterpart Credit Risk and Climate Risk. She has participated in numerous strategic programs to comply with the regulatory requirements and has a proven track record in delivering high profile regulatory driven change projects within the Risk Management and Operations functions across the US & European Tier-1 Investment Banks.

Diana began her career at Calyon Investment Bank in Paris and Fitch Ratings Agency in London as a corporate credit analyst. She developed her risk management experience at Moody’s Investors Services in London, and then at Rule Financial (GFT) as a Regulatory Risk Consultant.

Diana holds a Msc in Finance from the University of London and an Msc in Economics from University of Paris-Panthéon-Sorbonne. She recently received the Certificate of Achievement on “Climate Change: Financial risks and opportunities” from Imperial College Business School and she is currently attending courses on “Sustainable Finance” from University of Cambridge.

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EDT: 11.00
BST: 16.00
CEST: 17.00

Climate Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing
EDT: 12.00
BST: 17.00
CEST: 18.00
  • Introduction to climate risk stress testing and scenario analysis
  • Incorporating climate change risk into stress testing, for example, the 2021 Bank of England stress test
  • Challenges of scenario analysis
  • Examples of climate change screening analysis and deep dives

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