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About The ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Forum London

Event Deferral:

Due to the extraordinary global circumstances regarding the coronavirus we have taken the responsible step to defer the ESG Forum to later in the year. The exact same conference will take place once the global environment allows. We feel this is the only responsible course of action regarding everyone’s personal safety and well-being.

This event aims to provide a platform for the participants to understand the current and future landscape surrounding the strategic and regulatory initiatives in the ESG space.

The aim of these series of events is to support and evaluate the Environmental, Social and Governance factors firms are using to support and achieve tangible results for sustainability.


The letters “ESG” stand for environmental, social, and governance. Investors who employ this strategy examine criteria within these three categories to analyse stocks. Combining the ESG lens with more traditional stock analysis techniques is known as ESG integration. Anyone can join the swelling ranks of ESG investors by simply learning more and then using this framework in making future investing decisions.

We aim to provide an opportunity where decision makers can discuss this critical area of change within key industries.

  • What is ESG investing?
  • What is the EU Action Plan?
  • Where do we start?
  • How do we make ESG a key part of the board room discussions?
  • How can we utilise technology to support an ESG strategy?
  • What new products or services can we offer?
  • Are we falling behind?
  • What levels of transparency do we need to achieve?
  • How can ESG integration help manage risk?

In addition to the main agenda, we aim to work with those participants that need further support by arranging awareness sessions, lunch and learn, consultancy support, or demos with some of our most trusted partners.


For professionals pursuing ESG principles to create long-term corporate value

  • Executives
  • Board members
  • Family offices
  • Asset managers
  • Financial institutions
  • Consultancies supporting the sustainable finance transformation

Success Criteria for the audience is to understand:

  • How to take ESG issues into consideration in your corporate strategy;
  • How the financial sector can deliver societal and environmental impact while still generating market rate returns;
  • Reporting and disclosure of ESG factors for investors;
  • Strategic ESG Integration for asset managers
  • How impact investors can fill the private capital gap to finance the SDGs;
  • How firms can play a role in the impact investment landscape.

This event is in conjunction with Forte Markets.

We understand the significant impact that the regulatory environment is having on business and across organisations; cost and complexity of change.

Our team and network of partners benefit from front-line experience of delivering regulatory driven organisational change from a strategic and operational perspective.

We have extensive experience with supporting organisations in our key sectors.  We can help you to understand and navigate through your regulatory initiatives to deliver effectively and efficiently towards compliance.

The emergence of FinTech and RegTech will undoubtedly impact the delivery of services and shape business models within financial services, and beyond.   Our core regulatory advisory and training offering is complemented with a tech startup practice.  We are helping to shape the future players within the Banking & Finance and regulatory space.

Banking & Finance.  Regulatory change. FinTech & RegTech.

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