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Friday 19th March: Day 5

How Quants can Integrate ESG with Limited Data

EST: 08.00
GMT: 13.00
CET: 14.00


Antonia Lim:

Head of Quantamental Investments, Schroders

Antonia Lim: Head of Quantamental Investments, Schroders

Antonia joined Schroders in 2019 to lead their new initiative in quantamental investments, melding quantitative techniques with fundamental expertise and insight. Prior to Schroders, Antonia was Global Head of Quantitative Research for Barclays UK, designing its asset allocation policy, products and investment tools. She has two decades of experience in investment management, is a CFA charterholder and is on the management committee of the not-for-profit organization London Quant Group. Antonia holds a Masters in Physics from the University of Oxford where she was awarded an academic scholarship. Happy lending intuition, pragmatism and curiosity to the real, abstract and complex, Antonia enjoys cross-disciplinary ideas and making those ideas useful.

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EST: 09.00
GMT: 14.00
CET: 15.00


Svetlana Borovkova:

Head of Quantitative Modelling, Probability & Partners and Associate Prof, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Svetlana Borovkova: Head of Quantitative Modelling, Probability & Partners and Associate Professor, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Currently Head of Quantitative Modelling at Probability & Partners and Associate Professor at Vrije University Amsterdam, Dr Svetlana Borovkova has specialized in applying mathematical and statistical methods to problems within quantitative finance and risk management.

Dr Borovkova’s research extends in many areas, such as news analytics for finance, derivatives pricing, commodity markets and risk management in the face of new regulation. She is also a consultant for the Dutch Central Bank and the founder and principal consultant of DataDecisions: Financial Risk Consultancy.

Dr Borovkova is a frequent speaker on international conferences, such as Global Derivatives, Risk Minds, Bachelier Congress for Mathematical Finance, Sentiment Analysis and Behavioural Finance and others.

Previously she held an assistant professor position in Delft University of Technology and a trading analyst position in Shell Trading, London.

She got her PhD in 1998 from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and Oregon State University, USA and MSc degree in applied mathematics and computer science from Moscow and Utrecht.

What is the Role of ESG in Quantitative Finance Strategies?

EST: 10.00
GMT: 15.00
CET: 16.00

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